Flat Roof Restoration Service

Make Flat Roofs Like New

Flat Roof Restoration Service

We see a lot of flat roofs, and unfortunately we see a lot of improper installation. Many installers lack proper training and certification. This leads to a lot of leaky flat roof membranes due to poor seals and patches.

Some examples you see here are the improper use of T-Patches and the use of caulk or mastic which can actually eat away at the membrane. Despite the material still being in good shape, improper TPO installation caused this roof and others in the condo complex to leak.

Genius Roof was able to use the existing material and restore the roof to factory specifications. In doing so we were able to save the owners tons of money. Check out our project here.

Flat Roof Restoration

When flat roofs are installed incorrectly, owners are saddled with a big expense that doesn’t solve their problem: a leaky roof.

Save Money Using Existing Materials

Often when a new flat roof is leaking the problem is not the material, but instead the way the material was installed. Improper use of patches, cold welds that lead to fishmouths, and insufficient or improper flashing is usually the culprit. We can work with existing materials and save owners thousands while giving a rock-solid workmanship warranty.

Why Restoring Your Flat Roof is a Great Solution

If your materials are nowhere near end of life, our expert technicians can ensure your investment works for you instead of against you. We will restore your roof using factory-specified installation techniques and give you the water tight roof you want without adding unnecessary cost.




    Genius Roof was very responsive throughout the process of getting our new roof installed and working with our Home Insurance. The work they did was great and they stand behind their quality 100%.

    Dustin King


    Genius Roof gave me EXCELLENT pricing on both re-roofs as well as repairs for all the rental homes that MCW Capital manages. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

    MCW Capital


    I recently hired Genius Roof to re-roof my home and I strongly recommend this company. I had several different roofing companies give me bids on installing a new roof. I was very impressed with the management team at Genius Roof. They are both college graduates, very courteous, and very knowledgeable about all different aspects of roofing.

    Yorke Williams

    Mountain Brook

    I rely heavily on online company reviews when deciding who I should to work with. I recognized a leak in my roof, did my research, and decided to give Genius Roof a call. From the first call, they immediately went to work. They worked diligently with my insurance company to get the best roof on my house for the best price. When everything was settled with the insurance company, they came out the very next day and replaced my roof in 1.5 days. Everything looks great! Will definitely call again with any roofing needs.

    Nick Baldwin